When founded in Germany in 2007, Innowo Print was a small, regional, independent printing company with a vision to make world-class printing directly on lightweight nonwoven for the hygiene industry. The big idea was to make an alternative to print on film to improve the visual experience and give the designer new possibilities and more space to play with. An alternative that should still be safe to use in products with direct skin contact.

We built up extensive experience in printing on nonwovens and together with our suppliers we made innovative solutions. Now we have printing facilities in Germany and Malaysia, employ approx. 140 people, and are ranked as the best in this field.

The statement “Print Made Professional” is what we live by. This means that we know that printing on nonwovens for the hygiene industry needs to be handled as professionally as producing nonwovens itself. To master this and to offer our customers innovative and efficient solutions, we continuously invest in new technology and in our highly skilled and dedicated people.

Based on this, our customer promise is “People Printing Perfection” – people who naturally engage in strong and personal relationships and people who use the different inks, the different print sleeves and the different settings on the press - everything to perfection. Detailed designs in many colours, scent, hydrophilic feature or other attributes can be added to the nonwoven in the printing process. Our people print on all kinds of nonwovens ranging from 8 g/m2 and up to
100 g/m2.